Due to overpulation and clima cirses the mammal are While I studied photography on NYC in 1990 I often went to the Bronx Zoo and the New York aquarium, Coney Island, Brooklyn.

I felt very sad for the big mammals in small tanks and captivity. I did the portrait of the Beluga whale and made the alternative printing process called cyanotype and made posters to raise awareness about the endangered species and also the poor captivity.

After my study I went to Africa, and joined the Earth Watch organisation to work on the field tracking the de-horned Black Rhino. The are poached for their horn and almost extinct species now. The elephants are also endangered because of the hunting, destruction of habitats and the  drought. That was in the 1996´and now it is critical!

In 1994  I meet the activist Ric O´Barry – the Founder/Director of Dolphin Project saving dolphins from captivity. I went on at project releasing 2 captive dolphins that has been used as biological weapons i the Navy. Ric O´Barry had trained them for years to be free and the day came where he sailed out with his team and released the dolphins. I photograph the process that was then published in the NY Time magazine. Hi still works with his Dolphin Project to stop caching them for the seaworld and also the dolphin hunting season in Japan. If you care for the wild animals then stop going to the Zoo and the seaworld.

Photogram and alternative printing of flora and fauna


Memento is a serie of 12 icons made of gold leaf and polaroid transfers. The are images from the Museum of Natural History, N.Y.C. These Icons were sold in the shop of Museum of Natural History 1993.