Energy food healed my body, made me more conscious, and re-connected me to a sustainable radiant healthy lifestyle – simple and natural!

After studying photography in N.Y.C., I began to suffer from several health issues that grew by time. After giving birth my health began to decline fast.

Fortunately I met an health scientist and pioneer in the alkaline lifestyle. I was taught with simple things and powerful knowledge that I had never heard about before. I cleansed my body from toxins and acid that I had accumulated during my lifetime (at then I was 45 years old). 

High-energy rich plant-based diet, that is Alkaline forming, transformed my body and mind within 3 weeks!
I discovered the incredible power of plants and became passionate with this simple way of eating and living. I became free and in charge of my own health.

It was one of the most inspiring education I have had in my life. 

I was inspired and therefor I like to inspire others. I shared my experience and my new knowledge to inspire people living a conscious life which also influence the sustainability of Mother Nature!

I cook culinary and plant-based and involve teams, kids and curious ones. My partner grow his own biodynamic vegetable garden where I connect to soil, seeds and plants. The food is incredible vital!

Peace I develope when diving into my heart and meditate.


1989-1996 New York City, USA:

Parsons School of Design: Fine Arts Graduation, AS

International Center of Photography: Fine art photography

Dolphin Project (Rick Oberry), Key west, USA. Documenting releasing of captive dolphins 1993.
Expedition Rhino Watch, Zimbabwe. Documenting the endangered black Rhino 1991.

I have spent much time on exhibiting my artwork in galleries and museums many places internationally.


Ambassadør Anne Dorte Riggelsens residens, Paris 2011

Galleri Hornbæk, Group show 2007

Lars Schwander samling, Berlin, Germany 2006

Photoeye, Santa Fe, Online Gallery Santa Fe Gallery, NM, USA 2002

Galleri Arthus, Århus, Denmark 2005

Ferskvandscentret, Denmark 2003

Platformen, Museet for fotokunst “Rana temporaria”, Denmark

Avenue Art Gallery, N.Y.C, USA, Art Gallery shop, N.Y.C

FotoKina, world exhibition in Koln

Øksne Hallen, Design exhibition, Copenhagen,DK

Institut Francais,”Daydream”, Copenhagen, DK

Zoological Museum,”Memento”, Copenhagen, DK

Museum Of Natural history-art shop, “Memento”, N.Y.C., USA

Photoeye, Santa Fe, USA

Fauna & Flora –


Dansk fotografi “i egen samling” af Lars Schwander, 2005

Rana Temporaria, Simonne Holm and Svendborg Tryk, 2006

“Jeg elsker Chili” Illustrations for cuisine book, Gads Publishing, 1997

“How I Healed Myself from Toxins”, Alkaline Institute publisher, 2017

“Få styr på din syre-base-balance”, Alkaline Institute 2018

THE Magazine, 2006, USA,

Katalog Magazine, 2005, DK

Berlinske Tidende: Photo illustrations, 1996-1998, DK

Press Magazine, 1996-1997

World Wide Foundation, designing for X-mas card, 2001-2006, DK,

Gads Publishing: Photo for cuisine book, “Jeg elsker chili” 1998, DK

Endangered Wildlife Trust, Poster, 1998, DK

Ministery of environment, Photos DANCED, 1996, DK

The New York Times, Photos, 1996, USA.


European Final Art Awards for most creative use of Polaroid films,1998


Er blandt 11 danske kunstnere som er repræsenteret i Museet for Fotokunsts permanente samling.

Brændts Klædefabrik, Denmark Curator Lars Schwander, Fotografisk Center, Denmark

From 2012
In Denmark have organised Cleanse retreats, healthy plant-based cooking courses since 2014. 

Danish website:

I volunteering for the non-profit organisation Heartfulness Meditation as a meditation trainer for more than 25 years. I also provide nutrition and cooking guides for their organisation.

Everybody can learn to meditate. Heartfulness meditation is very easy and we do it together. It is a service for free helping humanity to connect to the divine source.

Master the habit of Meditation

What if you can change the quality of your life with just 15 mins of meditation every day?