Rana Temporaria

Art book

One day I was standing in my garden and the vision came. I saw the frogs cyclus transformation as a serie on photogram 1:1. It was both a biological as well as an art project. Polaroid sponsored the film.  The project was also supported by the WWF, Denmark, that connected me to their printer to make a book for their members. Then it was exhibited in Denmark and the USA.

Frogs are becoming endangered. They need clean water and fresh insects without chemicals.

I found their cyclus from egg , tadpole and frog very interesting. Here I have documented a 93 day cyclus of the danish frog, Rana Temporaria.

The home of tadpole eggs is made of foam.
The soft seclusion from the surroundings assists in ignoring influences.

I released all frogs back to their lake.

In the book you find Poems in danish and english.

Contact me for buying the book.

Price: 299,- 

Fhotoeye, Santa Fe, Online Gallery Santa Fe Gallery, NM, USA 2002

In Museet for Fotokunsts permanent collection, Brændts Klædefabrik, Denmark 


Photoeye Gallery,

Santa Fe, USA

Lamba print lamineret på metalplade. 

potoeye gallery

1:1 print day 1 to day 93

potoeye gallery

Museet for Fotokunst, Platformen

THE - magazine
Rana Temporaria. 1:1, Photograms